Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Richard Kimble: The Fugitive

Kimble: a man without socks

Back in the 1960's, The Fugitive was the most popular television series of it's era.
The drama chronicled the trials and tribulations of Dr.Richard Kimble, a 'fugitive of justice' relentlessly pursued by his obsessive nemesis Lieutenant Phillip Gerard.
Kimble, played by David Janssen, was the archetype for what I believe to be the perfect symbol, synthesizing human goodness and human frailty.
Dr.Kimble lived in constant fear of capture for a crime he was convicted but innocent of. As a Doctor, he had to live by the rules and morals dictated to him by his oath. This put him in peril at every turn, for he was in constant conflict between his will to survive and need avoid capture, along with his unshakeable moral conviction to 'do the right thing'.
His moral fortitude forced him into situations that a less scrupulous man would never have found himself, yet the underlying ethic of the show was that Kimble always escaped capture by the slimmest of margins, often due to reciprocal circumstances afforded to him by virtue of his kindness.
A cynical person could not relate to such fantasies, as this type of person does not recognize any structures within nature that respect these human virtues. However we humans are part of nature, and as a result become the very aspect of nature that respects these virtues.
I feel that virtuous behaviour creates a general pattern of contentment within the individual and his surroundings. Much of this is due to social conditioning of course, but the point that must be noted, is that as human animals, we are every bit subordinate to the laws of cause and effect built into the natural order, as we direct that order with our self will, based on our needs and desires.
Because of our socialized values of right and wrong, like all properties of dualism, we inherit all the benefits and pitfalls provided by this order.
The subconscious mind, as a force which absorbs far more information than the conscious mind can ever begin to, makes calculations about reality not understood by the conscious mind. These computations are then correlated into a form of intelligence known to us as intuition. Intuition is something which we have evolved within us as a survival mechanism which processes all the data available to the mind.
This intuitive knowing is more developed in some people than others, and those who have this developed intuition, by process of elimination should, as a rule not necessarily breed more, but have an ability to allow this gene to continue on, via its skill at avoiding danger, by sensing, and recognizing otherwise predatory forces, and passing this knowledge and way of perception on to those closest to them in their immediate environment.

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