Thursday, May 5, 2011

Osama's Been Obama's Sin

  As I write, the now briny body of Osama Bin Laden sinks deeper and deeper
into the abyss of the Arabian sea. So I think it is only fitting that we consider 
Osama's Been
renaming that body of the Indian Ocean to either 'The Gulf of Bin Laden', or
the 'Osama sea'

A big problem with 'rough justice' is that it becomes relative to what you believe
'good' to be.
In the mind of Osama, the U.S. was 'evil' because it supported immoral and unjust 
regimes who prostituted themselves for 'oil money'. Therefore attacking symbolic
targets and killing those inside seemed like a 'just' cause to him.
In the mind of Obama though, Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, and groups like the Taliban who 
support them, are 'evil' by virtue of the violent methods used to obtain their objectives.

Who is right? Well, I wouldn't want to be living in a Taliban controlled society, one where
the slightest deviation from their authority can put a quick end to ones life and 'liberty'.
So it's important for us to be vigilant so that our officials do not begin to adopt extremist
Obama's Sin
policies in reaction to systemic decadence. Remember, the Taliban rose to power as an 
overreaction to the injustices and abuses of corrupt Afghani warlords and oligarchs.

The issue of state sponsored murder to achieve 'justice' is a product of our less civilized
animalistic nature. It comes deep from the depths of our past, born from a primal rage, 
and is therefore not a conscious human decision, but a reactive one , as it doesn't 
represent any aspect of moral progress. 
An 'eye for an eye' always insures a retaliation from ones barbaric enemy, charged with 
the same conviction used to inflict it's perverted 'justice'.

 Extra-judicial killings are the geopolitical version of the death penalty, a method of 'justice' 
used only in the most uncivilized and autocratic societies on earth.
Of course, if someone hurts you, you want to hurt them right back, that's a natural human 
response, and to do it in such a way that the perpetrator will never hurt you again.
The role of civilized nations is to hold a higher moral standard than those of it's barbaric
foe, and set an example to other nations by NOT using to the same crude methods;
perversions of justice.

 Anyone who thinks that the killing of Bin laden or thousands of Al Qaeda is proper
'justice' for those killed on 9/11 needs to have their heads, or should I say hearts, examined,
It's simply vengeance, and the political gains by these actions are reprehensible.
No act of retribution will ever bring the beloved deceased back to us, therefore there
can never be justice when humans have been killed, so forget about that concept and 
hope there is a god or some karmic mechanism to deal with these aberrations.  

As for eradicating evil from the world, or even keeping 'the wolves at bay', well, as long
as there are 'haves and have nots' and power hungry individuals poised to exploit this
angst for political gain…good luck!  
As it stands now, President Obama is refusing to release photos of the 'dead Bin Laden'
as they've been deemed risks to US national security…in other words, the truth would
threaten lives and lies, but whose lives, and whose lies really, those in power, perhaps?

These people at the extremities of this dualistic tension are mirror images of one another.
We have a situation in the world where it's the 'Good' bad guys versus the 'Bad' bad guys.
and 6.? billions souls caught in the middle.

I am a believer in the merits and brilliance of this society we call 'western culture'.
However, there are many other societies who have different ways, and offer merit
and brilliance. To continue  engaging in tribalistic tit for tat warfare will only ensure that 
our species will lose it's right to reign this planet, all for the sake of idealism and political 

Dirty CT  May 2011
                                                    Obama's Speech On The 'Killing' Of Osama
                                                             Jan Irvin's "Pop-Up Fallacies"


  1. Pete McKannon (Pro)May 5, 2011 at 10:17 PM

    Dear Mr Dirty CT.

    Your posts and commentaries are getting better with each and every day. No doubt, the 'eye for an eye' policy (of revenge) is unbecoming of a superpower (well, now fading super-dooper-power) . Yet again, another of the many surreal events that appear to be accelerating and increasing in frequency. especially (and ironically) since 911. I heard Obama's response to a question on NPR today with regards to the so-called photos of OBL: "I saw the photos. It's him." Well, I guess if the president says he saw the pics and claims it's Osama, then we have to believe him, right? Don't trust politicians my father always use to say.

    Thanks for the engaging thoughts and banter.

    Pete McKannon (Pro)

  2. Well, Chris. As 'unpopular' as it may seem, I would agree. This is not justice - it is revenge. It may set many hearts to ease - true - but really, at the end of the day, doesn't solve very much.
    This is an huge issue - too big for my little brain (which has a maelstrom of thoughts surging ... and far too stormy to try to consolidate here).
    Thank you for this - I do believe that the good guys think the bad guys are bad guys but the bad guys may be good guys somewhere to someone. I am referring to the 'evil Arabs' as the West determines and the 'infidels' as the East estimates. Sam Richards spoke beautifully about a critical element that may be missing. Empathy ... perhaps?

  3. UPDATE: Wednesday August 10 2011,
    It was reported over the weekend that Navy Seals team Six died when their Chinook helicopter was shot down by the Taliban. Today it has been reported that those Taliban responsible for shooting down the Chinook, have now all been killed! So let me get this straight... 19 terrorists die hijacking planes and flying them into buildings, the man (Osama) who is said to have orchestrated this has been 'killed' and now the Navy Seals team Six who killed the man (Osama) who orchestrated the 19 terrorists to die hijacking planes and flying them into buildings are now all dead, and now the Taliban who shot down the Chinook carrying the Navy Seals team Six who killed the man (Osama) who orchestrated the 19 terrorists to hijack the planes and fly them into buildings are now dead too..."I don't know why she swallowed the fly, perhaps she'll die?"