Saturday, May 7, 2011

Al Qaeda's Anonymous

You only live twice!
  I don't want to make light of a serious subject, but...
sometimes we humans must find a way to snatch laughter from the jaws
of terror, and joy from the clutches of despair.
All this is a way of pressing the 'reset button' so that we may move forward,
free from the carcinogenic effects of anger and stress.

 In a perfect world, one could have paid a visit this week to your local
chapter of Al Qaeda's Anonymous. Once there you might have witnessed
a solemn bearded man standing before a humble gathering of fellow
'terrorists', with lip quivering, and perhaps mildly sweating, preparing to make some kind of statement or
confession. With his voice cracking and feet shuffling, the man would
have then declared to his comrades: "My name is Osama, and I'm an Al Qa-holic!"

 This 'coming out' would have been a catharsis with the potential to heal wounds
from Washington to Waziristan.

 Now, all we have are stories of a shrouded Bin Laden dumped into the sea.
The US president is claiming he can verify the pictures of a 'killed Bin Laden',
while 'the conspiracy theorists' continue to dispute how and when Osama died.
It's enough to make your head spin; I guess that's why they call it 'spin'.

Pressure will continue to mount on President Obama to release the photographs
of Bin Laden, and no doubt there will be much resistance and debate, personally
I don't see any benefit in displaying photos of a bullet ridden corpse, it will upset
the meek and enrage the vengeful. However, like with the pressure to release images
of that plane flying into the Pentagon on 9/11, This will probably lead to some form
of reluctant disclosure on behalf of the White House, and like the Pentagon images,
leave even more questions unanswered.

 So next will surely come the reports of of 'Osama sightings' and possibly even new
videos claiming that the Nobel Peace Prize winning president had failed in his
attempt to execute state sponsored murder. There will be claims, and possibly new
aggressions attributed to a resurrected Osama, or even simple stories of him lying
on a beach in some country worthy of a US invasion.

 There are rumours swirling around that Bin Laden died 'years ago' of kidney
failure. Benazir Bhutto identified the name of 'the man who killed Osama Bin
Laden' in a David Frost interview not long before she was assassinated. Now
Steve Pieczenik, former government aide under five presidents (Nixon to Clinton)
says Bin Laden died nine years ago from a rare genetic disease, and that the
events of last weekend was nothing more than 'theater'. My gut tells me that
Pieczenik is an unwitting dis-informant, fed lies to him by his insider sources,
and that the reality of the situation is much closer to what Ms.Bhutto was trying
to tell us.

  Once the photos are released, claims will be that the body had been kept 'on ice'
for all these years, and mistrust will continue to fester, like in the case with Hitler's
death (also on May 1st) or like the confusion surrounding the Kennedy assassination(s).

 If only we could find a way to reconcile our idealogical differences, East and West,
instead of waging war in this seemingly endless battle between the Narcissists and
Sociopaths, if only...

Dirty CT May 2011

Link to US Military video (you decide):


  1. Here's the latest: The US military has released a video of a man watching Bin Laden on T.V. The man watching the T.V. appears, at least from that angle, to look a good deal Like Osama Bin Laden.
    The only problem is: why did Al Qaeda make a video of 'Osama watching himself on T.V."? Did they film it in order to convince us that Bin Laden was still alive? Were they worried that if rumours of his death were to gain momentum, Al Qaeda's ability to strike 'fear' would be severely compromised? This looks like a desperate attempt, on behalf of whoever, to convince us of something, childlike and naive in a way not consistent Al Qaeda's sophisticated methods of terror.

  2. Deurté SéTé: quite interesting indeed. I suspect this will be the 1st in a plethora of 'Osama sightings' that might - who knows - rival the well documented and classic 'Elvis sightings' of yesteryears. However, if I may add an observation here: since the beginning, I always thought and maintained that OBL was a sort of virtual fabrication or some sort of puppet operative assigned to play out a predefined role (i.e. 'the bad guy'). The whole thing to me has a 'Marvel comic-like' script quality to it, only because the narrative and plot-line is so linear and one-dimensional. In this particular case, the powers that be chose this specific time to 'eliminate/write-out' the Osama character from the story or plot-line (e.g. book or TV series). It's pretty pathetic how the mainstream media and its audience just gobble up the lies and fictitious narrative.

    Here's the Youtube-sy link:

    À bientôt Deurté,

  3. Wankanonymous 69May 9, 2011 at 5:54 PM

    I just saw an article on Icke's site saying how this video couldn't possibly be Bin Laden since OBL is a 'left handed' and this man is operating the remote with his right hand.
    Well, I'm left handed, and I do many things with my right hand...can't think of any off the top of my head, but there must be few, surely.