Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Black Jacques Chalaque

         I decided, while plastering my stairwell this morning, to write about the phenomenon known as 'synchronicity'. I experience synchronicities with great regularity, and I thought I might give my take on them in my next post. 

"That Fifi is quite a gal!"
 So here it is, my next post!  
   Yesterday I was reminiscing about a character in an old Bugs Bunny cartoon called 'Black Jacques Chalaque' (Shellack),  he was a gold prospecting thug and Bugs' nemesis in that particular cartoon, set in the Klondike days of the Yukon.

 I remember this cartoon because of one of Bugs Bunny's famous lines: (phone rings)  "Hey, Black Jacques, it's for you…it's Fifi from Mawntreal!" to which Black Jacques responds: Hellooooo Fifi….(into a phone handle that's nothing more than a stick of dynamite).

 Now, fast forward to a few short minutes ago, a story came to my attention on Yahoo news about president Obama's recent trip to England, and how Scotland Yard, Britain's famous police force, had given President Obama a security codename: "Chalaque".

The name has nothing to do with Bugs Bunny (or so we're not told) and is instead a Punjabi word meaning 'someone who is too clever for their own good' or 'smart alec' or 'someone who is either cheeky, crafty, or cunning'.

 So this, needless to say, was the synchronicity necessary to get the ball rolling on this post.

 Often people ask of synchronicity, "What do they mean?" to which I respond "I don't know!" 

   But maybe we're looking for meaning in all the wrong places, a better question might be: "What is it's purpose?" to which I also respond "I don't know!"

What is the meaning of 'Grass' or 'Water'? there is none, but they have a purpose; water nourishes life, and grass is the beginning of a natural process and is a pre-cursor to weeds, shrubs, and ultimately trees and forests.

 Synchronicity is a real phenomenon, it has been studied in great detail by the brilliant mind of Carl 'old man'Jung. 
It exists in all our lives, yet due to varying levels of attention, is virtually non-existent in the lives of some, whilst at the same time 'dancing a virtual jig' in the lives of others.

 As for it's purpose, we can only speculate, but if you are a spiritual person like me, synchronicity can be an energetic phenomenon which helps to kickstart the creative process, like a kind of 'quantum fire' spurring on an energetic process which can transcend the stasis of mundane human experience.

 It is dismissed by all those self-satisfied 'know it alls' and 'smarty-pants'' who have no interest in recognizing a universe which expands its boundaries, potentially threatening their safe utopia which is the status-quo. The tactic used by these people to negate this expansion is called ridicule, and isolation by judgement.

 We at the abyss like to think we're above all that, so here's to you and YOUR synchronicities, may its energetic properties inspire your lives with magic and awe!

"Find purpose, the means will follow." -Mohandis (Mahatma) Gandhi
Dirty CT   May 2011

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  1. Well Dirty CT, as Black Jacques himself might say in this case concerning the differences between synchros and non-synchros: "we shall separate ze rabbeets from ze men!"

    PD Cafargo