Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bin Laden's Dead? Redux

 Last we checked in, Osama Bin Laden had been killed by navy Seals
in a raid at Abbottabad. The French news is making claims that some
guy named 'Ben Laden' has been killed (must be his brother).
He was unarmed (which means he wasn't holding a 'box cutter')
and his body was then hastily flown some 1000 kilometers to
the deck of the USS Carl Vinson, patrolling the Arabian sea, where he was
Has Bin
shrouded and given a proper burial in keeping with Islamic tradition.

Since when did the U.S. Navy begin a policy of giving 'enemy combatants'
proper burials? Why the special treatment? Were they honouring the man
for his tactical brilliance or just his plain 'chutzpah'?

We know that Osama Bin Laden was on the C.I.A. payroll when he led
his Mujahedeen fighters to help defeat those evil Soviets.
Perhaps they were honouring him for all the good things he did for
America, but I'm at a loss to understand how a person who supposedly
orchestrated the worst terrorist incident on American soil can receive
such a distinguished farewell.

The reason given for not wanting a land burial was so that the grave would
not become a shrine for terrorists...well why not?  Wouldn't it be better that way?
Wouldn't it then be easier to identify terrorists and Bin Laden sympathizers?
Wouldn't it then be much easier to identify the troublemakers? Arrests would
certainly follow, and a whole whack of money and time could be saved fighting
the 'war on terra', but maybe that's too easy. If they set up a shrine for him,
like the one they have for Jim Morrison at the Pere Lachaise cemetary in
Paris, they could catch Al Qaeda's by the truckload!

Osama was only 'believed to be' the mastermind behind 9/11, much like
H.I.V. is the virus 'believed' to cause AIDS, but the real murderers are
the ones who destroyed those buildings on that day ten years ago, with all those
sacred lives inside them. This does not in anyway excuse Bin Laden if in
fact he was involved, but human beings must take responsibility for their
own actions, even when doing the bidding of those higher up in the
echelons of political power.

The rejoicing we've witnessed, courtesy of our corporate media, has
been the result of a ten year 'waiting to exhale'. Now 'dead' Osama
Bin Laden, that muslim monster with the pleasant face, is supposed to
be permanently neutralized, and the world a 'safer place'.
But tourist areas and airports around the world are on 'high alert'
for fear of reprisals. So he's a threat whether he's alive or 'dead'.
Just one of the pitfalls of creating a martyr, I guess.

And what of Obama? whose name linguistically differs from Osama's
with the letters 'BS'?   Unfortunately I feel this propaganda stunt is
just a lot of 'BS'! some think that this political assassination will rescue
Obama at the polls, and translate into a second term of office in 2012.
I just hope to god that Al Qaeda doesn't have other plans for him, 'cause
if they do, we could see the whole tinderbox ignite, and a loooong dark
night would descend upon this world of ours.

In such a worst case scenario, there will be cries to curb freedoms by
tightening 'security', but all 'security' has ever gotten us is a never
ending rabbits hole of more 'security', and more dastardly ways to
breach that 'security'.

One way of looking at the picture is this...the Afghanistan and Iraq
wars have been dismal failures, by killing Osama, they can save face
get a sense of 'closure', so that they need not expend anymore of their
overstretched military fighting un-winable wars, now focusing
their fighting on another bogeyman, Gaddafi.

A few months before she was assassinated, Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan
had mentioned to British interviewer David Frost the identity of the man
who killed Osama Bin Laden...Frost ignored her! maybe he couldn't
process what she was saying, because her delivery was so 'matter of fact',
and that statement came way back in 2007.
So the BIG question seems to be, is the man really 'dead', or are there
some surprises yet in store for the unwitting public?
Will we soon be flooded with Bin Laden sightings at some Wal-Mart in North Dakota?
for this and other stories tune in again next week...saaame 'Bin' time, saaaame 'Bin' channel!

Dirty CT May 2011


  1. Great point O Dirty one about President Osama's burial at sea! Very confusing message, or is it a blatant admission. How the mainstream population doesn't clue into these obvious strange and occult ritual theatrics, is incomprehensible.

    Keep up the good work Abyss people!
    Pete McKannon

  2. He's at sea, yes, but not dead..he's actually in training to prepare for his new role as Porter Ricks in the upcoming remake of Flipper. The evil terrorist thing has gotten old for poor old O-cinema, and with new contenders on the horizon for the coveted "boogey man of the caucasians" role, he's just not, and I quote, "feeling the love anymore".

  3. Mr Kwong: I've seen stranger things happen. I'll be on the lookout for suspicious looking dolphins sporting lungees ;-)

    P. McKannon

  4. Latest report has a school of porpoises transporting Mr. Bin Laden's shrouded corpse through choppy seas to the Maldives.
    Can you people at the Abyss confirm this story?