Monday, September 3, 2012

Declaration Of The Martian Colonies

They Just HAD to be different?!

We never heard much from the martian colonists once they finally moved to the red planet. I do know however, that they had elected a Dominatrix as president, and unlike those Dominatrix' serving as village elders here on Earth, this one was a real bitch!

As mentioned in the last chapter, an expedition, spearheaded by a consortium of Israelis (and many people from other lands), decided they didn't much like the limitations imposed upon them by our new paradigm.

Many, and I'm talking in the tens of millions, simply couldn't accept living in a reality so different from the one they had been accustomed to living in. And given the fact that our inevitable rendezvous with destiny had made any other way of living on this planet impossible, a few 'intellectuals' came up with an alternative plan. 

They proposed to use the massive manufacturing infrastructure, which had previously been developed to supply the 'military industrial complex', and use it's basic structure to channel this technology into creating a vast 'space fleet' which would allow like minded individuals to emigrate to, and colonize, the planet Mars.

It was a brilliant idea, which breached none of the laws imposed on us by our inevitable rendezvous with destiny

Since Mars was officially considered a 'dead world'*, that is to say devoid of complex life forms, it was well within the rules of the new paradigm to use advanced technology (a by product from the previous era), and help breathe life back into a dead planet. It became a win-win situation for everybody.

note* Although the planet Mars was officially considered to be a 'dead' one, therefore devoid of complex life forms, it had been used for untold millennia as a base of operations by those space faring, and ubiquitous bug headed guys known as 'The Grays'. But since they (The Grays) hadn't actually spawned from Mars in the first place, there was no rule stipulating against human colonization.

It was difficult at first

So, "off they went", to colonize a dead world; to build their 'New Jerusalem', in a martian red and barren land. 

Many top American, South African, Israeli and Chinese engineers had already made great strides in resurrecting and terraforming arid land here on earth. Together, along with a large contingent of migrant Chinese and Filippino workers, they felt they had the manpower, willpower, and knowhow, to get the job done.

One of the great benefits of the 'Martian Exodus' was that the previously oppressed Palestinian population living along the easternmost shores of the mediterranean, had ultimately been given their sandbox back. Fortunately, our inevitable rendezvous with destiny had greatly assisted them in removing, from their population, their most rabid of tribal thugs. And that meant no more squabbling and embarrassingly oppressive police state measures governing that region.

Conversely, many Israelis also chose to remain here on Earth, tilling the land they had grown up in.  At last, they lived happily alongside their Palestinian brethren, and soon forgot what all the fuss was about… and good for them!

Future CT   Village 5, Nova Avalon.   Year 17 P.T.E.

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