Saturday, September 1, 2012

Karmic In Continents

Take That!

In your time period, as our planet grew angrier and angrier, I recall how hurricanes would relentlessly batter the shores of the North American continent, leaving a destructive path of fury in it's wake.

I couldn't help but think that somehow, this was the african continent's revenge on it's oppressor continent. 

Most hurricanes, during your time period, would develop right off the coast of west Africa, exactly at the epicentre of what had once been the place where the largest quantity of human beings had been stolen from their homelands, and forced into slavery.

That region off the west coast of Africa, used to spew out storm after storm, like demonic spitballs, and would mercilessly pound the North American coastline and it's towns and villages annually. This karmic balancing mechanism would have continued for another thousand more years or so, had we not run straight into that other karmic event: our inevitable rendezvous with destiny.

note: I'm not trying to go all Hindu on you, but they came up with the most effective word to describe an integral, and often misunderstood component of reality.

Ironically, the peoples living in western developed nations often had this bizarre 'saviour complex' in relation to Africa. Somehow they would attempt to pose as Africa's righteous benefactors, while delivering the 'wretched masses' from whatever brutal tribal warlord had terrorized any given country.

'Do-gooders', usually white westerners, often affiliated with major organizations (their names have been forgotten during this time period) would canvas relatively rich white westerners, in an attempt to have them donate money in order to help them save the poor africans from themselves.

I remember how, during the financial crisis of 2008, central banks were able to print up stupid amounts of money, trillions in the hundreds, to save their 'precious industry', when the same amount of money could have been used to easily eradicate needless poverty in the third world many times over.

The truth was, that the colonial western european powers who divided, and conquered africa for cheap resources and labour, would then turn a blind eye to weapons manufacturers from these same rich nations, who were supplying guns and other goodies to these despots in order to help them thoroughly suppress their 'unruly' population.

Pounding America, then pissing on Europe
This baton was passed down throughout the decades between Europe and North America;  it was often justified to 'concerned' westerners as being a necessary process of civilizing Africa. But all they ever got, all any poor nation ever got, was trickle-down prosperity and yesterday's technology. Most africans had very little to begin with, and to then have trickled down some prosperity whilst expecting them to be grateful to us? WTF?! 

This pathological behaviour was never officially acknowledged of course, and there was little effort to divest of our wrongdoings, simply because we were addicted to their 'resource crack' (and so were the chinese by the way)… so the storms kept on-a-comin', and the rest, as they say, is history.

Future CT   Village 5, Nova Avalon.   Year: 17 P.T.E.

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