Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Insubordinate Lone Wolf

Subordinate begone!

There were far too many outsiders, drifters, and lost souls during that woeful era, in the years leading up to our inevitable rendezvous with destiny

Being an outsider in the first few decades of the 21st century was to have been cut off from the luscious fruits provided by communal acceptance. These oddballs were sentenced to drift through life as isolated beings, to feel cheated, and be denied in perpetuity. Our culture had been churning out greater numbers of these alienated canines, and the static charge amplified by their despair would manifest as a social malignancy, and often with alarming consequences.

This malignancy came to us pre-packaged and gift wrapped as the Lone Wolf, an outsider who simply wanted to 'belong', but for various reasons which I will discuss, was unable.

There were many different types of Lone Wolf in those days, but the two most noticeable were the Subordinates and Insubordinates. 

The one thing that any Lone Wolf really wanted, in the end, was 'social acceptance' within the larger human family. 

A Subordinate Lone Wolf, who had wanted to be accepted into the larger social group, would try almost anything to appease and accommodate the whims of the hierarchy, always hoping for that one chance to finally 'belong'. 

They were willing to sacrifice their sacred selves just to be part of the 'big picture'. They would alter their values and opinions, tastes and friendships, all for a chance to sit at the back of societies bus, or muscle their way into it's 'standing room only' section. 

The Subordinate Lone Wolf often had 'A list' and 'B list' friends, and sometimes even 'C list'. For these creatures 'who you were' (one's title, or status) was infinitely more important than 'what you were' (one's basic humanity).

The Insubordinate Lone Wolf was in many ways similar to the Subordinate. Like the Subordinate he also wanted to be part of the larger group, and to taste it's fruits and delicacies, but with one very important exception: never at the expense of debasing himself, or pandering to, nor appeasing, those who had the power to say: "Yeah, or Nay".

The Insubordinate Lone Wolf wanted to be accepted for who he was, for his unique perspective, values, ideas, and ultimately, for the simple fact that he, like everybody else, was a flesh and blood unique being. He was a being with hopes, dreams, fears, insecurities, and above all, multiple tiers and tears of laughter, highly concentrated and distilled within his very essence. 

Unlike the Subordinate Lone Wolf, The Insubordinate Lone Wolfe refused to ever submit, and assume an assigned place, and lowered status within the hierarchy. The Subordinate Lone Wolf however, would strategically position himself in the hopes that he may somehow be blessed enough to catch some spillover from those 'revelling at the top'. 

The Insubordinate Lone Wolf actually never wanted anyone else's charity, he always remained autonomous and self-sufficient. He held no animosity toward those 'revelling at the top', because in his opinion, they seemed to have a good thing going. Was it their fault that so many lesser men debased themselves believing this would keep them in their good graces? 

The Insubordinate Lone Wolf had a bone to pick with these lesser men though. Those running the collective tribal boys club which had been constructed by like minded individuals to hoard the elite's cornucopia of assorted table scraps all to themselves, then act as a wedge between the Insubordinate Lone Wolf and those at the top of the hierarchy; They were a truly despicable lot. 

In the world of acting, TV, and film. I remember having heard it said (among those who served at the labourer level) how those minor actors and small part role players were often the most unpleasant of folks, but rarely was it the 'Big Star'. The 'Big Star' was usually just too pleased with their careers, and so grateful for it in fact, that they would often make the effort to give back to those who had assisted in allowing for their rise to success. 

But it was the next level down, that appalling level of suck-ups and brown-nosers, comprised mostly from the ranks of that debased and depraved Subordinate Lone Wolf caste, which would act as a 'pack', to keep the Insubordinate Lone Wolf from taking his place in this world, and his sacred right to be accepted as an equal. Ultimately, the Insubordinate Lone Wolf had never 'sold out', and they wholly despised him for it!

I will never understand why so many people tolerated that dysfunctional paradigm for so long. We don't tolerate that kind of shit here at Nova Avalon. Here in the communities which dot the gentle slopes of Temperance Valley, when it comes to shit, we much prefer the real thing!

Future CT   Village 5, Nova Avalon   Year 17 P.T.E.

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