Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ring Around The Mediterranean

A tragic death occurred during your time period, and it had been so irresponsibly spun and politicized by opportunists pushing their nefarious political agendas. 

A US ambassador to Libya had been assassinated by an Al Qaeda zealot in response for an alleged religious blasphemy, or something like that.

The point was neither here nor there, and was altogether mostly missed among the major political figures of your time period. 

One famous female secretary of state had been appalled that such a horrific attack had taken place in a country which the US had helped so recently to free from tyranny. But why then, given this ungrateful reaction, would the US, a country sixteen trillions dollars in debt (and counting!), have then wasted more valuable human resources and money to help overthrow another wack-job dictator across the mediterranean in Syria?

All one had to do in those days was take a breath, step back, and ask how this tragedy had managed to occur in the first place. The answer was simple enough, the US had had a longtime history of having funded Muslim terrorists dating back to at least the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and in Iran some 30 years or so earlier.

These terrorists had become perfect tools. They had been at best of times 'well armed allies' or 'freedom fighters', whenever given the task of fighting a 'common enemy', and 'incarnate demons' once they chose to then turn their attention back onto the US.

The sad truth was, that most major western governments were merely morally relativistic institutions which conformed it's policies to cater to the needs of it's own immediate economic interests, and the details of 'justification' were easily and skillfully spun within the media to pacify the millions of misinformed.

One major belief system which occupied and misguided the cerebral cortex of many humans during your era, was the belief that most major wars throughout history had been caused by 'Religion'. Yes, religious dogma had been used since time immemorial to act as a catalyst for violence, but this violence had always been carried out by lower caste militia men who were simply fighting for what they had 'believed' in at the time. 

These dunces hadn't stopped once to think how they were merely pawns on a geopolitical chessboard being manipulated to justify wars solely intended for the purposes of 'resource acquisition'. These utter fools were always told how morally monstrous their enemies were, and that one's culture or religious dignity had demanded some form of 'righteous revenge'…and that, we all know, was, is, and always will be 'Bullshit'!

Had we never come up against our inevitable rendezvous with destiny, I shutter to think how long and how far down the proverbial gutter this mental and spiritual sewage would have carried us… best not to think about it!

Future CT   Village 5, Nova Avalon.   Year 17 P.T.E.

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