Saturday, September 8, 2012

Iran So Far Away

An ancient land filled with splendour

Wasn't it the beginning of September 2012 when the country formerly known as Canada decided to close their Iranian embassy?   

There had been a lot of political rhetoric spinning it's way throughout the media in those days. 

The belief among the 'leaders' of many western nations at the time, was that the country then known as Iran, better known now as Persia, was this diabolical cancerous entity metastasizing within the very heart of the middle east. The reality was that the NATO armies were actually an invading virus from distant lands, fighting on behalf of corporate interests, who wished to transform the political landscape within the middle east to suit it's own economic needs. 

Given the fact that Iran had the world's fourth largest Oil reserves, it didn't take someone of very great intelligence to figure out that 'controlling' that particular country would be an absolute imperative for western interests. The global economy was being kept on life support with the aid of financial stimulants such as bottomless bailouts, QE 'whatever', and the lowering of interest rates to desperately low levels. 

In those days, the crucial price of Oil, the lifeblood of the world's economy, would only fall back either when economic forecasts looked bleak, or some financial crisis had inhibited demand. It was generally accepted among experts, that the price of Oil was, at that time, in an otherwise permanent state of incline (due to market speculation and the overall scarcity of once easily accessible petroleum). 

Projects were being proposed globally, off the coast of Brazil, in deep deep water, and up in the high Arctic, to pump as much valuable crude as possible in order to sustain our technologically advanced societies. (of course, all of that would later be rendered irrelevant by our inevitable rendezvous with destiny

Iran was the last country on the map not under total control of western financial and corporate interests, and the Wicked Witch of the West was determined to spin the truth on Iran in both the political arena and mainstream media, employing a similar paranoia used to justify the invasion of Iraq ten years earlier.

"I'll fix you my pretty!"
Even if the proposed attacks and subsequent invasion was unsuccessful (which would have been an absolute certainty) it would have at least assisted in obfuscating the true dire economic situation unravelling at the time in Europe, particularly among those too lazy or incapable of looking beyond their own immediate wants and needs.

We remember what the truth was though, that Iran had been a peaceful country just trying it's very best to preserve it's own cultural and tribal sovereignty despite the imperial leviathan which had built a large quantity of military bases around it's perimeter in neighbouring and otherwise 'economically conquered' countries. 

Although Iran was so far away, it couldn't get away!

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