Tuesday, September 25, 2012

La Viande Rose

It's the end of another soft and subtle day here in Nova Avalon, and the children are out playing now well past sunset. 

Neighbours have congregated to discuss how to better engineer waste disposal, and a couple of corgi dogs are battling for possession of a severely chewed stick.

Dinner was to my liking, a nice cut of prime-rib with spinach, potatoes and carrots soaking in a thick beefy gravy; a big meal and a fine glass of homemade red wine after a hard day working in the fields.

There was a time though, not too long ago, when such a meal was simply not possible if one lived exclusively in an urban area.

Every morsel of food put into one's mouth, in those days, was brought to you courtesy of a GMO or some meat filler product (affectionately referred to in those days as 'pink slime').  I preferred to call it 'pink meat', or more poetically, La Viande Rose.

Synthetic food supplements during that time we now refer to as the great forgetting was both ubiquitous and inescapable. In those tragic days of yore, there were substitutes for sugar, and butter, coffee, and yes even meat.  These frankenfoods crept ever so stealthily into our food, until one day, products like corn syrup, trans-fats, and monosodium glutamate, had become food ingredient staples of dubious purpose.

"Dont Je connais la cause"
None of them were in and of themselves harmful, but when consumed in large quantities, along with one's nightly dosage of a mandatory fluoride supplement, these substances had a negative cumulative effect when ingested 24/7/365.

Like any slow poison, it's horrific effects were difficult at first to detect, but if one were to have stepped back and looked at the 'big picture', it had all become so much clearer and easier to see, especially from the perspective provided to us by our inevitable rendezvous with destiny.

Remember that sudden upsurge in 'peanut allergies' among the "Tyler/Dylan" generation? 

Paranoia had exacerbated a natural predisposition some children had against peanuts, and it got so bad that toward the end, children's day cares were banning not just peanuts, but even children who were allergic to peanuts. The parents of these pariahs pre-schoolers were heavily fined, and then ostracized to their own hermetically sealed peanut proof kiddy compounds of higher learning, a place where they became 'free' to eat 'La Viande Rose' and other chimeras of alimentary deception… just hold the Skippy peanut butter thank you very much!

The poor little Madisons, Brittneys, Courtneys, and Blakes had been removed from the greater body of humanity for fear of a legume. 

Sure the mid-east crisis was raging on, year after bloody year, the Mayans were turning up the apocalyptic heat, and the threat of bio-terrorism had nothing on the 'humble peanut'.

Would things have turned out differently, I wonder, had we not, at the very least had at our disposal that faithful and trusted food supplement 'La Viande Rose'?

Future CT   Village 5, Nova Avalon.   Year 17 P.T.E.

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