Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Healthy Eating And Specialization

There are many young ones today who simply were not yet born when fat people roamed freely about the planet. 

Our inevitable rendezvous with destiny had made quick work of obesity, and now that we're all eating a much healthier diet, humanity has pretty much done away with any memories of overweight humans.

Other than those very few who have a natural predisposition toward gaining weight, there's virtually nobody alive today who weighs more than 245 lbs. The largest person known, and currently living here in Nova Avalon, 'weighed in' recently at 242 lbs, but she's quite tall and broad shouldered. She's the offspring of a burundian mother, and a father who was raised on a strict potato diet while living near the coastline of what used to be known as the Baltic Sea. A weird combo, yes I know, but soul mates always seem to have a strange and uncanny way of finding one and other.

In the past, we had always tended to emphasize people's strengths. If one was skilled in maths, they would then be encouraged to go and study to become a physicist or engineer, and those who were adepts at languages would go on to become writers or linguists, and those in the arts, ditto!

The problem with this approach was, it didn't serve us well collectively. By emphasizing our strengths too much, we produced an abnormal amount of imbalanced people, who lacked vital qualities essential for our survival as a species. They had allowed critical aspects of their brains to atrophy, and due to this imbalance, we had created a world of exceptionally brilliant freaks, monsters who couldn't do much more than perform the highly skilled and complex tasks they were continually being rewarded monetarily for doing.

Nowadays, if we see someone who is strong in maths, let's say, we encourage them to become shoemakers, or bake pies, or even to work with some form of heavy machinery. And those folks who are physically stronger, like the Baltic-Burundian woman, are simply discouraged from allowing themselves to be exploited for simply having been born with enormous physical strength. Instead, these people are encouraged to work on things like particle accelerators, electro-magnets, or taught how to knit a pair of wooly slippers.

What does our community's rejection of specialization have to do with eating a healthy diet? I dunno,  but duty calls... I promised I'd help my neighbour, Jesus LaFramboises,  jar some pickles and jam preserves. So until next time, be good, and stay out of trouble!

Future CT   Village 5,  Nova Avalon.  Year: 17 P.T.E.

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