Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Homage To The Alpha-Males

Sebastian Helene's Alpha Males

If you look around on a beautiful sunny day, you may happen to notice the odd hot convertible, with some tanned dude driving it around with it's top down

And if you look closely, the majority driving these sports cars are single men in their late-fifties or older. 

I can remember how I used to see these chaps out for an afternoon drive, usually sporting a baseball cap as their sun visor, emancipating themselves, and declaring to anyone who cared to notice, what wonderful 'alpha-males' they happened to be. 

Not unlike baboons or gorillas in the wild, these types seemed to have had a primal need to show everybody who was 'Da Boss'. 

One day, I can remember watching two such convertibles converging at a double red. One of those old men then lifted his arm, thus his hand as well, and waved at the other male driving the noticeably more expensive car. 

Was this a feeble attempt on behalf of one 'wannabe' alpha-male to bond with another wannabe like minded individual? Could it have been an attempted show of solidarity among two narcissistic predisposed brethren? Or perhaps it was a display of submission, a concession by one male to let the other male know that he had acknowledged the other man's superior vehicle and wealth? 

Not having ever associated myself with these types of individuals, it was a tough call. 

I would often see this type of person smoking big cigars;  I suppose as another way of displaying their vaunted 'alpha status'. 

Personally, I always found this activity to be poignantly symbolic of the metaphoric phallus they must have had to suck on, to have achieved and maintained their wealthy 'alpha' lifestyles.

I also used to find the 'white-collar shirt and tie' schtick to be symbolic of a collared slave on his leash, led around by the almighty dollar… but that look was usually reserved for lower caste worker types, these guys drove around wearing polo shirts (remember the little alligator?)… and very often with their collars turned up too!

My goodness, I sure used to make some strange observations 'back in the day', didn't I?

Since our inevitable rendezvous with destiny, the only ones who are still smoking cigars are Cubans, chimpanzees, and some of the women 'running the show' way yonder, over on the martian colonies.

Anywhoo, the daily ox-cart has just arrived with today's banana imports, I'm going to help 'em unload some of the heavier crates, and put those juicy fruits into cold storage… "Daaaaay-O!"

Future CT   Village 5, Nova Avalon.   Year 17 P.T.E.

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