Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Fate Of Friends

The science of the soul?

Gordon's descent began shortly after his favourite 'ex-Beatle' had died, or maybe it was just that he had had difficulty adapting to 'life in his sixties'.

Nothing in recorded human history had ever affected the consciousness of humanity more than this single event, and it affected different people in very different ways. One never could have guessed who would adapt, and who would not. 

Gordon had been an ageing carpenter. Someone whose wisdom and technical savvy should have given him a default position as one of the village elders here in Nova Avalon. Being a 'good man', he had always believed in 'all the right things': mortgages, paying ones taxes, and a proper social safety net for the poor. 

It's hard to say just what exactly it was about our inevitable rendezvous with destiny which so adversely affected him, and we may never know for sure. He had developed a bad habit of demoting old friends to an undetermined purgatory in his time-honoured blacklist. In the end, this character flaw may have proven to be his undoing.

His girlfriend at the time had tried everything she possibly could to snap him out of his self-induced catatonic state. She had accomplished this several times since they first met five years prior, on a dating site called 'Plenty of Belugas' (or did they meet at that café 'Lilli and Wally'?). At any rate, this had often been the fate of those (and there were many like him) who had made the ghastly mistake of having had everything 'all figured out'.

I can remember having had lady friends, in what was then both Berlin and Adelaide, who had also suffered similar fates.

My friend Patrick was a fellow house painter, renovator, and real estate mogul. One could have presumed that the paradigm shift we experienced during our inevitable rendezvous with destiny would have been a hard mistress on good ol' Patrick. 

Patrick was a purveyor of the 'white lie', and had also made a very good living for himself, and his lovely family, leveraging real-estate while extracting handsome rents from his struggling tenants. 

Patrick however, possessed a remarkable quality which allowed him to adapt better than others, despite the dramatic and traumatic turnaround he would be forced to endure (along with his newly and substantially lowered standard of living). 

Conversely, my friend Maurice was a landscape designer and humble family man. He had a comprehensive knowledge of plant life well beyond most, and he was definitely a person whose talents would become invaluable in our new world. 

But the profound implications of our inevitable rendezvous with destiny had shone a harsh light on certain 'deficiencies' which made it very difficult for him to cope with our new paradigm. Fortunately for us all, his wife was able to get her act together, swoop in at the last minute, and save his sorry butt once again.

Julian was able to cope; perhaps because he was a prolific writer, musician and mythologist?

My cousin Cicely adjusted quite well too, despite the community's loathing of her insipid nagging, and whiny nasal voice. Her ability to adapt was mostly due to a series of synchro-mystic experiences she had had many many years ago, combined with her previous involvement in six of the world's major religions, and her profound love of dogs (both alive, and dead!). 

Her old boyfriend David had welcomed our inevitable rendezvous with destiny with open arms (and sore shoulders). He later admitted that the experience had freaked him out somewhat, but in the end, he actually adapted to it much better than most. 

What he didn't adapt well to, was the intense physical labour and cooperation necessary in building Nova Avalon. 

Here, there would be no room for administrators, managers, or capricious ex-rock stars. Standing around and slapping ones tummy while everybody else 'worked their collective butts off' was deeply frowned upon, especially during those difficult early years.

Given the heavy physical workload demanded by our new community, David instead opted to sign a contract with an Israeli led expedition to terraform and colonize the planet Mars. He had taken an Orbit Shuttle* to Space Station 14** where he was to have boarded the Mars Express Rocket***, and then onward to the red planet, to help manage the details, and planning, of an intricate sound and entertainment system being installed on the martian colonies. 

Sadly though, equipped with only his Les Paul, a bottle of black hair dye, and a mandatory self-euthanasia kit, David was never heard from again.

note:  Orbit Shuttle*, Space Station 14**, and Mars Express Rocket*** are generic terms used to describe names of things not yet invented in during your time period.

Future CT  Village 5, Nova Avalon.   Year 17 P.T.E.


  1. RFTA Damage Control Unit XB-45: The previous comment was removed by a third party who has access to post notifications on this account. Due to having violated a code of respect regarding the anonymity of a certain friend lampooned during this post. We will republish the original comment below, but not the name of the person in question. From here on in, he will simply be referred to as 'X'.
    Following the comment, the author will then offer his 'rebuttal' should anyone care to read further. Thank You.

  2. Dear 'TJ',

    Thank you for your participation and comments on this post. For someone who doesn't read my post due to 'time constraints' I'm interested to know why you've decided to read this one, let alone craft an extensive comment (holidays perhaps)?

    I hope you understand why your comment had to be modified. You breeched the privacy of the friend who was the muse for the Maurice character in my piece of fiction.

    It's one thing to lampoon a friend or use them as a muse in creative writing (many great writer's have done this for a very long time), but it's another thing entirely to actually identify this person by name, and on the world wide web, where anyone wishing to do a search on his name could easily be redirected to this post; your actions are either reprehensible at worst, or absent minded at best.

    Also, you mention 'ethics', yet I must ask you how ethical is it to actually disclose someone's real name, thus violating that individual's privacy, and then go on to post the comment under the 'safe shadows' as 'anonymous'? This is an ethically relativistic practice endemic during your time period.

    The anonymity of the internet allows for anybody to remain nameless 'up in their attic', even to the point of claiming to be a 'mother', when the reality is, that same person could be an internet 'Norman Bates' and Psycho wannabe, playing yet another role as his 'metaphorical Mother'.

    Thanks for your link regarding those dissociative blogger types, however, only someone who has done the hard studies, and countless hours of research, is properly qualified to decide which bloggers may or may not fall into this category, and unless you have authentic credentials beyond a 'preoccupation' in the field of social media, it's certainly not the domain of any armchair psychologist who wishes to employ the logical fallacy known as 'appeal to authority', to push forward either their personal or political views.

    So if you are actually suggesting I fall into this category, and are not yourself a trained psychologist, then sorry 'TJ', you're simply not qualified to make that judgement.

    As for the friend in question who I used as my muse for the character Maurice: Let me just say that if X posted this article to his FB page, it was only done because he had in fact read the story, liked it, and was sharing it with others hoping they would do the same. (I've written other posts on Escape From The Abyss! which he (X) felt uneasy about, and chose not to link them to his FB page, and I respect that)

    If you still don't get what I'm saying, basically X has the remarkable ability to take a 'friendly dig' and laugh at himself. The friend, who I referred to as David in this post, actually gave me his own suggestions on how I could best lampoon him.

    In the case of both David and X, they are both still very good friends and flexible individuals who do not possess an overinflated sense of their own self-importance (too large an ego).

    The only people who are consistently offended in this way, are those who possess the toxic combination of having an over-inflated ego, combined with having a very fragile one as well. (Probably as a result of emotional trauma they may have experienced during childhood, in other words 'Not Their Fault'… anyway, those are my thoughts; perhaps one doesn't need a degree in psych to figure that one out!)


    'Mr. Future CT'

  3. RFTA Damage Control Unit XB-45: We're having trouble posting the original comment due to a spam filter, Here is another attempt.

    Hello Mr Future CT.

    To begin with, you do not personally know me. But I do happen to know X from facebook, where I saw the link to this particular post. I have noticed that X periodically shares links from this blog site on FB, which I usually have to ignore, simply because of the usual time constraints I face (e.g. motherhood, work, etc). If I also recall correctly, X is a friend or acquaintance of yours. As I am aware that Pierre is a landscaper, I was curious to know if the stereotype named Maurice, might allude to X?

    In any event, my preoccupation happens to be in the field of Social media. And, one of the most common occurrences and phenomena that have been observed and studied from the many blog sites and especially bloggers out there on the internet and the social media sites, are those related to dissociative personalities and identities. The latter group does have a tendency to use asynchronous communication techniques as (I quote) "...a means to send measured responses to others".

    If I am not mistaken, Maurice (whom I think is my friend X), has been belittled in this post. I see this type of (common) practice a fair bit in the course of my work, and I think there is no place for it, not only on the internet but in friendships as well.

    Should you want, I included an interesting article that deals with the subject of 'Psychology in cyberspace' by Dr John Duler. Maybe this piece might help you grasp the fundamentals and ethics of blogging and the many personality types, identity management and integration principles covered in this valuable text:


  4. Dear TJ,

    I would like to clarify my final comment for you or anyone who may happen to read this exchange.

    What I said about childhood emotional trauma comes from a viewpoint of someone who experienced this (my father passed away when I was twelve), and the conclusions I draw about the nature of the fragile ego, and the inflated nature of one's self-importance comes from personal experience. I lived through this shit, and have spent much of my adult life, as many others have, working it out, forgiving the source of pain, and moving forward.

    One by-product of experiencing such hurt, (and there are many many more who've experienced worse) is to develop a callous as a means of self-protection. I can imagine how this callous, when coming up against one who is hyper-sensitive can become a volatile mix.

    I've produced a short 'video-post' on these viewpoints which I intend to have up on this site shortly, entitled 'Soul Balance (intensive care part 2)'.

    I can tell by the way you signed your comment "Kindly, TJ" that your contribution is coming from a genuine standpoint of 'care', and I greatly appreciate that.

    Sincerely, Future CT