Friday, August 24, 2012

Misguided By Voices

What would have been

I still can't believe how long it took our species to finally accept the principles of natural law, and to live by the code of the 'golden rule'.

It's an ancient principle 'do unto others', but somehow over the millennia, the truth became obfuscated by sophists who devised clever arguments to spin the truth and dupe otherwise nice people into committing atrocities on behalf resource acquisition.

It's obvious to anyone who lived through our inevitable rendezvous with destiny, that there was a horrible price to be paid for disregarding these simple and self-evident truths.

Now we live in a world where those age seventeen and younger have never participated in a culture where such poor unethical folly masqueraded itself as righteousness. And most of those aged thirty and under are still way too young to really remember the details, therefore not suffer the contaminating effects, of a culture they actually grew up in.

How anybody could somehow justify using violence to hurt another living being in the name of someones idea of a 'greater good' is just so unthinkable in this enlightened age.

The so-called leaders of the free-world were really just puppets for corporate interests who valued economic profits and state security over greater morality and personal freedom. They confused the freedom to consume endlessly, with real freedom. 

We can't blame them entirely, remember, it is we who consistently elected them, and consumed their products, and accepted their debt. It was just too difficult to speak out or effect any real change, when ones comfy lifestyle begged, implored, and even demanded that you remain quiescent.

As each year passed though, the differences between nations and cultures became smaller and smaller. Although nationalism had been a well proven divide and rule technique for the power-elite, the ultimate goal was to create an amorphous world which would have been highly regulated, standardized, and devoid of noticeable diversity, (a wasteland!  see image above).

This is why leaders in banking, business, and politics would often meet at these 'summits' so frequently. They were trying to get the whole world on to the same dystopic playing field, driven by their greed for power, and packaged for public consumption with their political rhetoric.

In those last few years before our inevitable rendezvous with destiny, you could barely tell the differences between Berlin and Beijing, Sydney and Stockholm (the egg-rolls in Berlin were bigger, and the blondes in Sydney were blonder).

The little things that made these places unique to themselves had been eviscerated by the ubiquitous corporate menace which had cast it's uniform shadow in every land it haunted.

Pardon me, a few pebbles have just struck my window…I promised to go help my neighbour pick some raspberries.

Future CT  Village 5, Nova Avalon.  Year 17 P.T.E.

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