Sunday, August 19, 2012

Journal #2: Second Coming

To Come, Or Not To Come?

I remember the enormous letdown we experienced when Jesus finally decided not to return. It was a major disappointment for the longtime faithful, and a huge blow to the Religion-Industrial Complex.

Sure we had produced a few good latin ball-players named 'Jesus', but they never quite filled the 'spiritual gap' the devoted elect were longing for. 

We needed a REAL saviour, but the problem here was 'two-fold' . It seems that it wasn't a case of there being 'no Jesus', there was!  Where things got sticky, was with the conundrum the aforementioned saviour faced should he ever decide to return to this corporate-purgatory.

He liked most people well enough, at least on an individual basis, but collectively he thought humanity sucked, and let's face it, who would have argued otherwise? 

He also had a deep seeded loathing for most of the serious religious establishment, especially those indoctrinated within religious organizations themselves. 

Many of the devout, in his opinion, were just way too needy, and all the clergy and those 'Kooky' ministers were morally suspect (to say the least). 

The other side of the coin concerned those people he really actually did like: the agnostics, the artistic, the autistics… Oh, and the jovial folks hanging around down at the local pub. But the problem there was: either they didn't believe in him, or in the case of the latter three, didn't really care all that much one way or another. 

So the very people he actually wanted to hang out with had absolutely no use for him whatsoever (as a saviour, that is), and those who did revere him, grated on his nerves tremendously.

He had come and gone several times throughout history, he had been the central figure in religious traditions pre-dating Christianity, and he was tired of it, quite frankly. 

He just wished we would make a basic attempt, or at least a little progress in moral and spiritual advancement, for him to bother coming back. Basically, if we weren't going to make the effort, neither was he. So he pretty much said: 'No Mas', or was that 'No Mass'?  Either way, he'd paid his dues, and wasn't about to attempt a triumphant comeback anytime soon.

He argued that it was 'the spiritual program' he had laid out which was far more important than any morale boost his physical presence would have provided. And if people just took his wisdom to heart, they could do their part to help steer our little wayward ship back on the right course, and there would be no need for his divine intervention.

Fortunately for him, our date with destiny, and the most defining moment in human history was soon to come, so we wouldn't be needing his services anyway.

Future CT  Village 5,  Nova Avalon.   Year: 17 P.T.E.

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  1. Like the new 'aaaaah' feeling. If one subscribes to the concept that Jesus Mendoza returned on a few prior occasions to this god-forsaken place, then if he should indeed return une autre fois, he'd/she'd be dumbfounded by the new and improved Rome v2.0 civilization(al) incarnation! I wonder if the Jesus would be sporting tattoos and body piecings, just to 'fit in' a little better... But, I'm letting sarcasm slip through a bit. In any event, bonne chance Jésus, if ever you do decide to return!

    Pete MacKannon (pro)