Monday, August 27, 2012

Norbert's Circle

Just a little design he slapped together one day

What an amazing design my buddy Norbert created the other day!  He's really one of the most talented designers and draughtsman here in Nova Avalon. 

For you people reading this in the year 2012, My friend Norbert designed an incredible 300 foot in diameter cube within a circle, and sent it back through time using the Neutrino Displacement Quantum Wave Particle Transmitter (NDQWPT).*

Note* NDQWPT is an acronym for a generic term describing technology not yet invented during your time period.

He has previously sent many other of his designs into the past, but this time, he's transmitted his design to an area called Hackpen Hill, in Angleterre, or what used to be known in your era as England.

So have you seen it yet?  No!?!  Well just look at the image posted here, it's three hundred feet in diameter, Wow! ...and nobody saw it being formed (of course not, nobody ever did).

I can remember all that wild speculation about 'crop circles'; were they the work of aliens (as if the Grays had 'nothing better to do'), or perhaps they were made by some secret government scientists working within a highly classified program? (Ditto!)

If you only knew the truth, you would have laughed. Well, now I'm telling you, so start laughing. 

Most of the major 'crop circle' formations were created by either Norbert (Norby), Vince (Vinny), Constance (Connie), or Jimmy (the Jim-meister)… but who ever knew?

What's so surprising to us, and even to many of you living during your time period, was the wholesale apathy among the general population these formations had fostered during your historically dumbfounding era. 

I remember how they (the 'crop circles') were usually dismissed as being the works of cranks… and what's so amazing is, 'intelligent' people accepted this feeble explanation at face value, simply because someone with an ounce of authority had 'said so'… my goodness?!

And those poor farmers used to get really really pissed off too!

What a serious lack of imagination we humans possessed in those days (that is to say, your era!).

Thank heavens for our inevitable rendezvous with destiny, because without it, we might still be thinking these complex 'circles' were being made by little green bug-headed space creatures from Zeta-Reticuli.

Future CT   Village 5, Nova Avalon.   Year 17 P.T.E.

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