Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Heaven Is A Place On Earth

Oh Baby, do you know what that's worth?

It came to our attention not long after we had settled the gentle slopes of Temperance Valley, straddling the banks of the majestic Lake Regina, that it might be a good idea for us to adopt some kind of anthem of sorts. 

One thing we all agreed upon, was that the song chosen should be non-political or nationalistic in any way. 

Ever since that defining moment a few years earlier, which has come to have been known as our rendezvous with destiny, The locals here in Nova Avalon, and in the other various and diverse communities of Temperance Valley, conducted a straw poll to select a suitable anthem to be sung during times of celebration and sadness.

Yes, even after our rendezvous with destiny, sadness remained as our loyal companion. It was only utter and complete despair which had permanently left our communities, and much of human consciousness in general.

Since most of us village elders had the musical depth of knowledge to remember the complete anthology of recorded music history, it was decided that we would be the ones given the responsibility of selecting an appropriate anthem. And since most of us elders had been brought up listening to the pop music of the 60's 70's and 80's, we decided to look there to find ourselves a good melody, one with catchy enough lyrics to take it's place as our official anthem. 

Many were pushing for Paul McCartney's 'Mull of Kintyre', but since this wasn't Scotland, and nobody knew what the heck a 'Mull' was (let alone a Kintyre) we put a quick end to that little flight of fancy. 

Everybody's first choice would have been Satchmo's 'What A Wonderful World'  but that song had been snatched up ten days earlier in a secret meeting across the bay in another community called Ultima-Borea. Those arse-pics had beat us to it, and claimed the song first on 'ancestral grounds', seeing that a cobbler living there boasted he was a half-cousin once removed from a man whose father had known Louis Armstrong during his teenage years…go figure?

No, whatever song we would chose to become our anthem, had to reflect our true views on life here in Nova Avalon and it's surrounding communities, and it also had to be accompanied by a real 'kick-ass' melody. 

The choice was narrowed down to two songs. The one not chosen would be Roxy Music's 'More Than This' from their album 'Avalon' (I think that song might have been selected had their album been called 'Nova Avalon',  (but considering our thorough distaste for nationalism, I'm actually not so sure). 

Anyway, after much debate, and even a few outright shouting matches, it was decided we would chose Belinda Carlisle's "Heaven Is A Place On Earth", because no other song better reflected our philosophical, spiritual, and joyfully deep seeded contentment better than this cheerful melody.

Future CT   Village 5, Nova Avalon.   Year: 17 P.T.E.

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