Monday, August 20, 2012

Paradox or Paradise?

Many of you may be wondering certain things about Earth's future. 

One of the questions you may have, concerns the revised calendar we've adopted for our new world. 

Right now I'm writing to you from the year 17 P.T.E. What does that mean?

There are certain things I can safely tell you, and certain things I cannot, due to the paradox which would be created by breaching the laws of causality. 

I can tell you that the P stands for 'Post' and the E stands for 'Era'. I cannot, however, tell you what the T stands for, because the T stands for a word which has not yet been introduced into the lexicon during your time period. 

What I can tell you though, is that it's a kind of hybrid-compound word which rapidly introduces itself into the lexicon not too many years in your future. To reveal to you this word, would be to breach the laws of causality, something we humble and happy residents of your future would never dream of doing. 

I can remember how many physicists, philosophers, and science-fiction writers would often muse about something called the 'Grandfather Paradox'. It simply stated that if one were able to travel backward in time, one could then kill one's grandfather, thus nullifying one's existence. It was a very 'left-brained' or cerebral way of viewing reality, it negated the relevance of the human soul, something most scientists simply didn't believe in.

Sure, it's theoretically possible to create this paradox, I suppose, perhaps even opening a gateway into an alternative timeline, but based on our rendezvous with destiny, which humanity has yet to experience during your time period, it became obvious to us, as it will become obvious to you, that tempting fate in this way would be a huge mistake, unthinkable actually.

A person from our time period wouldn't ever consider jeopardizing it's own existence, anymore than any healthy and happy human being would consider throwing themselves off a steep cliff, it just ain't gonna happen!

Anyway, the point is irrelevant, considering that time-travel for humans is still not a reality now/here, for the humble residents of Nova Avalon, or anywhere else on Earth in the year 17 P.T.E. 

We do however, as you know simply by the fact you are reading this transmission, have the capacity to send information, digital, particle, and electronic, into the past (your present) to gently nudge or guide those with the necessary intuitive insights, into taking actions which will help, ever so subtly, to move humanity one step closer to it's rendezvous with destiny.

Future CT  Village 5, Nova Avalon.  Year: 17 P.T.E.

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